entrepreneur. investor. inventor. 

Hi, I'm Zephrin (yes my parent's really made up my name).

I like to build stuff, grow stuff and occasionally break stuff. I like small teams that get along but still challenge each other.

I invest in startups. I'm working with an amazing set of entrepreneurs on some great companies. I also consult for companies on their products.

I believe that product is first and foremost a creative endeavor --- and that having a clear vision, not lots of detailed requirements, is the way to win.  

My new project is called ShopChat [update: we've been acquired]. Now I'm at Rakuten Viber integrating our tech and team. We are going to build a new kind of message commerce. Stay tuned.

I've built companies from raw ideas into global disruptors, and worked in big companies with dizzying numbers of moving parts. I co-founded and was CEO of Pontiflex. I am also the Chairman of Sickweather and an Advisor to Contactually and Browseplay. I was Head of Mobile and Social Product at Constant Contact at the time of our acquisition by EIGI for $1.1BN. I did lots of other weird stuff in NYC, Prague and London. I wasn't born in the US.

I used to be the #3 search result for "man" on Google Images. Well at least I was at the beginning of 2016. So if you see my picture somewhere strange, it's not me. Really.