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 What is it? Only the LDF knows. 

What is it? Only the LDF knows. 

So stay tuned... 

Sickweather @Techstars / Sprint Mobile Accelerator

I'm super proud to announce that Sickweather has been accepted into the Techstars/Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator. Based in Kansas City, @sprintaccel is housed in a beautiful, brand new facility retrofitted into a historic KC downtown building. 10 startups will live here for 3 months building the next wave of mobile health innovation. I've been deeply impressed by the content, conviction and scale of resources that both Techstars and Sprint are bringing to this program.

Sickweather began, like most startups, as a vision in the mind of the founders --- it's exhilarating to see their vision become manifest. We'll be hard at work, and in three months we'll be releasing the next version of the Sickweather app --- stay tuned!

The Company is the Product

One of venture capital's favorites adages, generally delivered with a meaningful nod of authority, is the distinction between "a company and a product." People love to create a deep furrow between the two and push ideas or companies they don't like into the "just a product/feature" category. But today, the product is the company.

The greatest leverage startups are currently enjoying comes from those who build great products, and get them to users quickly. Even if they still lack the traditional structures and trappings of a "company" which generally comes out to mean a sales team, advertising, and layers of management or a formal business plan (in no particular order), a great product is the new center of gravity.

The product / company distinction was meaningful before a few engineers could code a product and get it in front of a million users quickly. With social and app based platforms ideas can be made manifest very quickly and at low cost. This further increases the velocity and density of new entrants. It's exciting and dizzying at the same time --- for everyone from users to buyers, to suppliers and to investors. And its only going to get faster... 


Can't decide which I'm more impressed by --- the lady or the shark?